Sacred Heart Healing

Welcome to Sacred Heart Healing

The journey into the spiritual world commenced in 1979, at a young age spirit was visible and respected. The healing work of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) began in 2016, where sacred teachings were unravelled through a spiritual journey of knowing that the Kingdom of God is within us. It began with knowing that we are loved, and that love conquered all, as our core energy is love, in likeness with our Creator (God). After years of searching for the way back to the Creator, I was guided to the embrace of my Lord and Saviour Yeshua.

The Sacred Heart Healing is a space for all that are seeking the light, love and healing of our heavenly Father. This is dedicated to the teachings and examples that were set for us by our Lord and Saviour Yeshua. The Prince of Peace (Jesus) entered this world to be a living example of the love and mercy of the Creator. Yeshua is the light that entered this planet to reconcile our relationship with our heavenly Father, through Christ we are restored, and lead a peaceful loving existence.

The healing work that takes place is through Yeshua and his teachings of love, humility, and truth. We are but an instrument in which the Spirit is able to help heal those that are in physical, mental, or spiritual pain. The Sacred Heart Healing work starts with you, your journey, and your belief in God.

Through prayer and energy work, you will learn to trust in God the able and capable of all that is said to be impossible. We teach the way of love, peace, surrender, and letting go of all that does not serve our higher being, all that does not serve the light.

We work with you on how to heal and strengthen your connection to God. Through prayer and meditation, your relationship with the heavenly Father is established and with our ongoing mentoring you continue to work on this beautiful relationship with love and peace in your heart.



  • Meditation including light therapy
  • Awareness and self- acceptance.
  • Enlightenment and what you do with it.

Healing Work

Through the grace and the love of God, healing work is accomplished for those who believe in the power of the name, Jesus Christ. All healing is done through faith in Jesus, we are only the temple in which God uses to deliver his mercy unto those that suffer, mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Spiritual Life Coaching 

Learn to live life as an instrument of the Creator, living life as a spirit first. Live with God in control, Learn to surrender all to God and be set free from the fear and guilt of this world. Break the chains and live a true existence through the Holy Spirit, in service to God who provides us eternity in Love and peace.